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Support and Tips

How do I connect my Slack account?

First you need to log in to Pinpon via Slack and subscribe. After that is done, you will see instructions on how to add the `/pinpon` command to your Slack account. It's all pretty simple.

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Connect to Slack

Can I get help inside Slack?

/pinpon help

Will give you a list list of all the commands Pinpon supports.

/pinpon help report

Will give you detailed help and examples for any of the supported commands.

How do I challenge people?

/pinpon challenge

Will find a random opponent for you to play with, that's either close to you in skill, or maybe one you haven't played with for a while.

/pinpon challenge @timo

Will issue a public challenge to your colleague @timo with some surprises thrown in.

How do I report scores?

We support reports for games played to 11 and 21, you just can't mix and match them in a single report. Every game must be played with a minimum difference of 2 points. The other player will be asked to confirm or contest the report. Otherwise the report will auto-confirm in 24 hours.

/pinpon report @timo 21:15

Report that you played one game with @timo and that you won @timo 21 vs 15 points.

/pinpon report @kim 11:5

Report that you played one game with @kim and that you won @kim 11 vs 5 points.

/pinpon report @jim 10:21 11:21 21:19

Report that you played 3 games with @jim and that you lost to @jim 2 vs 1 games.

How do I know who's the best?

Very important indeed, let's take a look!

/pinpon top 5

Prints out the top 5 players based on their respective ELO scores.

/pinpon leaderboard

Prints out a nicely formatted leaderboard of the top 10 players, along with their ELO scores.

How do I know my score or rank?

To us, you're always number 1. But in the real world, let's see:

/pinpon score

Pinpon will let you know what's your ELO score.

/pinpon score @jim

Pinpon will lookup what's @jim's ELO score.

/pinpon rank

Pinpon will tell you what's your rank relative to other player in your organization.

/pinpon rank @tim

Pinpon will tell you what's @tim's rank in respect to others in the organization.

Why am I unranked on the leaderboard?

You will need to report 10 games before you will qualify onto the leaderboard.

This is to ensure your newbie score gets calibrated a bit before you start comparing yourself to others.

How do you calculate my score?

We are using the ELO score algorithm to calculate your score. To ensure that rookies find their place sooner, our K-factor schedule is as follows:

  • K = 25 Default

  • K = 60 Rookie (less than 10 games played)
  • K = 10 Pro (score over 2000)

Once you reach pro status, you're pro for life, even if your score drops below 2000.

I heard I have a profile on Pinpon.co

Yes you do, and it's nice and shiny. Get your link by doing /pinpon whoami.

/pinpon whois @ben

Get @ben's profile link so you can check him out!

Does Pinpon cost money?

Yes. We have a variety of plans available, none should be too expensive for any organization with a couple of ping pong players.

Where can I get help?

If you have trouble setting Pinpon up, please shoot us an email at support@pinpon.co.

I have an awesome idea for a feature, can I let you in on it?

Sure, but don't expect us to jump on it. We're running a simple service that does one thing well. Submit your ideas to ideas@pinpon.co.

How will I know when there's something new going on?

You should totally follow us on Twitter, where we go by the name @pinponapp.